Zagan Acoustic summarizes just a five-year art work, which culminates in the album, 3:1. Despite the presence of short boards on the market She was presented by the Polish Radio 2 and was album of the week on Radio Niepokalanów. In 2011. making the team were recognized by the Marshal of the Pomeranian - "Pomeranian Artistic Hope."

During the concert the audience can listen to original compositions the band - inspired many musical genres. Sailing on the different conventions Zagan Acoustic musicians represent such tango, jazz and folk.


Upcoming concerts

11.11.2019  |Konsulat kultury |  Gdynia

12.08.2019  |Katowice NOSPR |

21.07.2019  |Targi Wiatr i Woda | Gdynia

20.07.2019  |Targi Wiatr i Woda | Gdynia 

19.07.2019  |Targi Wiatr i Woda | Gdynia

06.07.2019  |Z.A & Krzesimir Dębski | Festiwal Viva Musica Prabuty 

17.05.2019  |Muzeum Piśmiennictwa i Ziemi Kaszubskiej | Wejherowo 

15.05.2019  |Dwór Artusa | Gdańsk 

13.05.2019  |Santander Bank | Pruszcz Gdański CKiS

12.05.2019  |Koncert z Chórem Echo | Tczew CKiS

25.04.2019  | Janatar | konferencja 

15.04.2019  |Gdyński Galion| Konsulat kultury Gdynia 

08.04.2019  |Europejskie Centrum Solidarności| Gdańsk 

01.04.2019  |Brderlichketswoche| Schwalbach

31.03.2019  |Rathause| Hofheim am Rhein 

28.03.2019  |Gdański Teatr Szekspirowski| Gdańsk

08.03.2019  |Oliwski Ratusz Kultury| Gdańsk 

08.03.2019  |Centrum Kultury i Sportu | Pruszcz Gdański
















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